Ginza Fax

Turn your Google Docs account into a powerful collaborative fax in & outbox. Fax & receive from anywhere in the world. Create new fax numbers instantly

How it Works

Sending fax is done by selecting which docs to send, punching in a number, and hit "Fax". Receiving is even simpler. All incoming faxes go straight into your Google Docs. You can specify multiple recipients.

Only Sending Faxes?

With Ginza Fax, you don't need a monthly subscription if you only need to send faxes. You can, at any time, upgrade your account to a receiving & sending account with no setup or hidden costs.

Ginza Fax box


  • Easy sending of your Google Docs
  • Email-to-fax
  • Use your Google Docs as inbox
  • Business or Private use
  • Available to anyone with an Gmail account


  • Super quick setup - lifelong pain free operation
  • Create local & toll free numbers
  • Automatically share incoming faxes with unlimited number of team members, friends, or family